Vedanta teaches that our real nature -- our real Self -- is pure, luminous, immortal,
and free -- a manifestation of the Infinite Divine Reality or Godhead. The aim of
our life on earth is to realize this divinity. To help us achieve this goal, Vedanta
teaches various methods suited to individual needs and capacities, by which this
divine perfection of the Self can be actually experienced.
Swami Vivekananda was the chief
apostle of Sri Ramakrishna and heir to
his master's spiritual treasures. Swami
Vivekananda organized the
Ramakrishna Order of India, and in
1893 he brought to the West the bold
message of Vedanta when he
represented Vedic religion at the
Parliament of Religions held in
Chicago. In 1894 he founded the
Vedanta Society of New York. In 1897
he organized the Ramakrishna Mission
in India. In 1900 he founded the
Vedanta Society of San Francisco. His
life was dedicated to recasting the
ancient wisdom of Vedanta to show its
practical application in helping
humankind to experience God as Truth.
                                               OUR PURPOSE

This Society exists to encourage its members and friends to spiritualize their lives,
regardless of their choice of faith. In the Vedanta Society, all of the world's great
religious leaders and teachers are given due reverence. Through their lives and
teachings, one sees the living Vedanta. Vedanta is not confined to any religion or
any culture of the world. Vedanta is the essence of religion itself. Vedanta describes
spiritual principles which operate throughout the universe. The Society seeks to
increase mutual understanding and appreciation among followers of all religious
paths and to aid those who have no path.
The Vedanta Society
of Kansas City