Since 1976 the Society has produced high-quality metalphotos. We currently
have eight different photos available for ordering. Each photo carries an
appropriate saying on the reverse.

The U.S. Navy developed this process for producing metalphotos. The
image is photographically imprinted onto the surface of the metal, using an
anodizing technique. Thus the image becomes a permanent part of the metal
substrate and is not subject to fading, nor is it easily damaged.

Our metalphotos are not damaged by sunlight, temperatures up to 1000
degrees F., fungus, mold, solvents, lubricants, salt spray, or humidity.

A 40 percent discount is given for orders of 10 or more metalphotos and for  
5 or more wooden stands.

Retail Prices:
                   Metalphotos $4.50  
     Single wooden stands $1.25
    Double wooden stands $2.00
The breeze of God’s
grace is always blowing;
Set your sails to catch
this breeze.
               Sri Ramakrishna
The Kathamrita
I am the Mother of
the virtuous, I am the
Mother of the wicked.
Whenever you are in
distress, say to yourself:
“I have a Mother.�
               Sri Sarada Devi
The Holy Mother
If you want peace of
mind, do not find fault with
others.  Rather learn to see
your own faults.  Learn to
make the whole world your
own.  No one is a stranger,
my child;  this whole world
is your own.
             Sri Sarada Devi
The Holy Mother
Each soul is potentially
divine.  The goal is to manifest
this divinity within, by
controlling nature, external
and internal.  This is the whole
of religion.  Doctrines, or
dogmas, or rituals, or
books, or temples, or forms
are but secondary details.
               Swami Vivekananda
Raja Yoga
I do not believe in a
God or religion which
cannot wipe the widow’s
tears or bring a piece of
bread to the orphan’s
               Swami Vivekananda
              Letters of Swami Vivekananda
Pray constantly with a
pure, sincere heart:  â€œO Lord! I
don’t know what is good and
is bad for me.  I am entirely
dependent on you.  Grant me
everything I need for spiritual life.
Take me along the path that will
bring me the greatest good.  Give
me the faith and strength to
remember you and meditate on
you constantly.�
               Swami Brahmananda
The Holy Mother
Whatever man gives me
In true devotion:
Fruit or water,
A leaf, a flower
I will accept it.
That gift is love,
His heart’s dedication.
                           Sri Krishna
The Bhagavad Gita
All that we are is the result
of what we have thought;
It is founded on our thoughts,
It is made up of our thoughts.
If a man speaks or acts with a
pure thought,
Happiness follows him,
Like a shadow that never leaves
The Dhammapada
Retail and Wholesale
The Vedanta Society
of Kansas City
Blessed are the
pure in heart for they
shall see God.

             Jesus Christ
                  The Sixth Beatitude
                  Matthew 5:8, KJV
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